Alone Around The Mountain: A Visual Memoir A photographer's physical and spiritual journey around Mt. Rainier,
expressed in a stunning collection of black and white photographs.

Nominated "Best Book," Pacific NW Booksellers; Silver Medal, International Association of Print House Craftsmen photo_2.jpg, 96 kB "Alone Around the Mountain not only tells the story of Milkie's relationship
with "the mountain," but reaches back a generation to his photographer
father's own lifelong connection to Rainier....a poignant meditation on
family relationships, the calling of the artist and the revelation of the
Divine in the beauty of nature."
--Right Reverend Hunt Priest, Seattle
photo_3.jpg, 36 kB I have grown to know a place by walking over it in each of its seasons... It
moved me, and it helped me rediscover a part of myself I nearly lost.
I hope others are able to see themselves standing where these pictures
were taken—that they use these images as a trail up and out. Every one
should experience a place that for them is ‘sacred ground’.
A place where you can find more than you view.
--from the Introduction, "Alone Around the Mountain"
photo_4.jpg, 35 kB "Words fail to do this book justice.
Every photo goes straight from the heart to the page!"
--Virginia Coe, Educator, San Francisco
photo_5.jpg, 4 kB photo_7.jpg, 6 kB photo_6.jpg, 4 kB
"I think this is one of the most carefully crafted, subtle, moving
and inspiring books I've seen in 25 years of book sellling."
--Roger Page, Island Books

A Visual Memoir
by Fred Milkie, Jr.

Designed by Terri Nakamura (blog, twitter)

9 1/4” x 9 1/4” soft cover, full French fold, embossed
106 pages, 100 plates, plus introduction, Mt. Rainier National Park map and trail notes.

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